Winner of the Georges Bugnet Prize for Fiction!

Deborah Willis's new book, The Dark and Other Love Stories, recently won the award for best work of fiction published in Alberta in 2017. Her collection was also shortlisted for the City of Calgary book prize and selected as one of twelve titles on the longlist for the Giller Prize.

The book features stories about girls at summer camp, a young man and his pet crow, and a drug dealer who applies to be on the first manned mission to Mars. A master at inhabiting the minds of outsiders, of immigrants, transplants, and refugees, Willis moves deftly between stories that span entire lifetimes and others that detail tiny moments: a summer, two weeks in Russia, one Halloween night. The book explores love in its flawed guises, never relying on easy clichés, and—despite its darkness—always allowing a light, feathery hope to sing through at the end.

The emotional range and depth of [Willis’ stories], the clarity and deftness, is astonishing.
— Alice Munro