Screenplay by Deborah Willis

Directed by Vanessa Wenzel

Produced by Prairie Kitten Productions

Starring Kris Demeanor, Siobhan Cooney, Natalie Marshall, and Tori Darr.

Based on the short story "The Weather" from Deborah Willis' book Vanishing and Other Stories (finalist for the Governor General's Literary Award), this short film follows the influence that a city girl has on the lives of an aging cowboy, Braden, and his daughter, Edith. Braden's wife Nina left him and their rural Albertan home after a tornado wreaked havoc on their farm. Heartbroken, Edith and Braden attempt to continue their lives as usual until Edith befriends a new student: Rae. Rae's parents moved her out to the country to get her away from some bad habits she picked up in the city. Braden and Edith welcome Rae into their home despite Braden's concerns about the influence Rae will have on his daughter. He neglects, however, to recognize the influence Rae has on him. 

This short film is currently in post-production and will be submitted to film festivals in winter 2018.