Other Writings

Misfits and Reapers: The Gothic inspiration behind "The Dark"

March 2017

My first time.... A reflection on Deborah's first publication

Quivering Pen
March 2017

Deborah creates a playlist related to The Dark and Other Love Stories

March 2017

Deborah recommends short story collections for fiction lovers

February 2017

Q+A for Freedom, the app that keeps Deborah productive

(Without it, she would probably just watch Beyonce videos all day....)

February 2017

Memorious Magazine's Forgotten Writers feature: Deborah Willis on Shirley Faessler

"Through its tender and ironic depictions of Auntie Chayele, Pinnie the Intellectual, and other characters who are somehow both larger-than-life and humbly real, these stories capture the deep love and heart-stopping grief of ordinary lives." 

Memorious Magazine
February 2017

Q+A for Playboy.com with author Jon Raymond

Jon Raymond and Deborah Willis discuss professional envy, Donald Trump, the role of artists during dark times, and what it takes to write a "fun, happy novel about death and politics and Nazis." 

January 2017

What It's Like Living Here: Quetzaltenango, Guatemala

This city is surrounded by volcanoes, including the still-active Santiguito, and I imagine that the people of Quetzaltenango once swept up volcanic ash and used it to construct their buildings. 

Numero Cinq Magazine
August 2014

When We Fell In Love

And so I read a book I'd been meaning to get to: One Hundred Years of Solitude. Why did I fall in love with this magical, seemingly endless tale of Macondo while living and working in the tidy and picturesque French countryside?

Three Guys One Book
September 13, 2010

The Double Life

In one of my lives, I'm a writer. This means, essentially, that I contemplate the human experience while wearing my pajamas. Fortunately, there's another me, and she gets out more.

The Double Life (PDF)